Introducing the World’s Most Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal Technology.

                                                          It seemed like a good idea at the time. We’ve all had experiences we’d like to erase, and                                                               increasingly for many people that now includes tattoos.


                                                          We pride ourselves on using the most advanced proven technology available to achieve the                                                           best results for our clients, and laser tattoo removal is no exception.


                                                          With our XLASE Pro  laser, we will get maximum clearance of your tattoo.  Shorter recovery                                                           time and avoid injuring the skin surrounding the tattoo – the safest tattoo removal machine                                                           in the world.  




The Q-switched Nd:YAG is considered one of the best methods for tattoo removal. During treatment, short pulse duration - high peak energy of light from the laser are directed onto the tattoo so quickly, creating a photo-acoustic effect within the pigment clusters, breaking up the tattoo pigment into smaller particles.


Over the next several weeks the body’s natural filtering system, removes those treated pigmented particles. With the Q-switched Nd:YAG laser available on the Xlase Plus laser system, you can effectively treat dark tattoo inks, specifically black, blue and green.  


The Q-switched Nd:YAG laser is the treatment of choice for tattoo removal as it can remove tattoo completely without leaving any scarring.


















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Q: How does the teatment work


A: Targeted destruction of tattoo ink by selective absorption of a specific wavelength emitted by a nanosecond high-intensity pulse laser forms the basis of Q-switched laser tattoo removal. After light absorption, ink molecules are partially destroyed and broken into smaller fragments, ink fragments undergo phagocytosis by macrophages and are removed via the lymphatic vessels.



Q: How many treatments will i need?


A: Removing a professionally applied tattoo is usually a fading process that requires a series of treatments spaced at least 6 weeks apart. Professional tattoos usually require 5-10 treatment sessions for satisfactory clearing. The depth, color and amount of ink, as well as the location of the tattoo on the body are all determining factors in how quickly the tattoo can be removed.



Q: Can i lighten a tattoo instead of completly removing it?


A: Many tattoo artists encourage customers to receive a minimum number of laser treatments to lighten an existing tattoo before covering it with a new one. This will dramatically reduce any chance of the old tattoo appearing through the new one. In most cases, a minimum of 2-4 treatments is all that's required to lighten an existing tattoo




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